Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How in the heck did so much time go by!!!??

What a difference in placement! Note there are no guard towers, no curving, barbwire fences and not even one electronic gate. I wasn't "wanded", took my cell phone AND a camera in. A freakin mazing!
If only this vehicle had an engine...ummm, no, no thank you.
It's always good to not be the biggest a$$ in the area.
This feels one billion times better than it looks! I am wondering though what the heck is going on with my eyelids! Who is that old lady?

I guess I've been in the job hunt trenches and needed to come up for air. Had another visit with the boy at the RTC. They both have gone wonderfully! The above cockatoo is hilarious! She kept us entertained and her language is quite interesting.

Still cautiously optimistic with the patent realization that my son is watched over by three adult males 24/7. Their program is extremely strict...get in trouble, face the wall. I swear this one boy has not moved since we visited in August! (A bit of exaggeration...it would appear he likes being restrained apparently ergo, in the chair, face the wall...no restraints.) I am thankful for all progress and hope that this time next year, he'll be home and that it will be do-able. Our daughter went for thirty minutes this time under duress but even though she refused to interact with him, she did tell my husband that she guesses I am officially the shortest member of the family now. So, even if she hates him, she considers him family, that's gotta be good right?