Sunday, October 13, 2013

Alone again....unnaturally

     In late spring, our son's CPS caseworker was transferred. That was the first change. Then, the next month, Disability Rights said they could no longer represent him because their grant had run out. Number two. At court in July, I sobbed, (not unusual for me) because "our" judge, who is such a huge advocate for kids with mental health needs, retired. It felt like all of our supports were giving way. Today, I read the mail that came from our local CPS office. They think that our son should be dismissed.

     Let's look at the recent stats, shall we? He was released from an inpatient stay at a psych. hospital EIGHT days ago because he threatened to harm me and himself. He is to go before the committee to see if he will be allowed to stay at the charter school due to inappropriate behavior. We have no insurance coverage for him as he has been covered by Medicaid for four years now.

    I'm guessing if he's dismissed on Friday (oh yes, of course, court with the new judge that doesn't know us at all is this week and his Attorney ad Litum just happens to have not been on the list of Parties/Attorneys/Child's Representatives to get this letter) that even his CASA worker will no longer be involved.

     That's right folks, cut adrift. I'm so stressed out and terrified right now I could punch something.