Friday, January 20, 2012

Therapy and a sore butt!

Nature is my therapist. No matter how rough, tough things get, she soothes me. I'm going to head out for my walk in a while and go to therapy again. I have discovered that I have to pursue my therapy on two feet, not two wheels.

My son is a foster kid basically. Because we had to turn to CPS for help to get him into RTC, he receives gifts like other foster kids. Lucky him because there is no way in hell I'd have bought him Air Jordan shoes. He also got a gift card to Wally Mart. He chose a bike but he left it at home after the visit because the other boys at the RTC mess with his stuff. So, I rode it. And I walked it when the hills became too much. I just don't get the same therapeutic benefit of the nature surrounding me when I can't hear the birds chirping over my wheezing lungs. I can't focus on beauty if my butt feels like someone has welded forks, tines up, to the seat of the bike. I even thought of the word peri-anal on my ride. Good damn grief, how do those guys ride for miles? Are their testicles like little air bags?

So, I'm heading back out, wincing as I walk (and I wore platform shoes yesterday to go to district left knee is reminding me that we.don'

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gonna take some pichers.......

of my body,only for me to see. I am determined that this time, I will persevere!

I would be a liar if I said I didn't care about looking good. BUT...I care more about having 100% lung function, hopefully ending sleep apnea (jerked awake five times last night!) and eliminating acid reflux. It's cause my body is fat on the inside, not just the outside.

Today, my butt is sore, my legs are sore, but my smile is a mile wide. Not only did I walk another four miles yesterday (took me 1.5 hours! but hey, least it didn't take me 1.5 days...) but I got paid to do it! Found money on the trail, asked every person I came across if they'd lost something. Nope! Now if only I could get paid each time, I'd be exercising at least three times a week!

Picking up the boy tomorrow afternoon so that he can be present at CPS status court hearing on Friday. He's going to turn 15 at the end of this month. Thinking of planning a surprise birthday party but shhhhh, don't tell!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lame, but in a good way....

I do believe I've eaten my way around the world while Santa did his thing. Polished off the last sour cream cookie with my coffee and then signed up at weight loss buddy. I'm so lame....on New Year's Day, how cheesy is that? But, I have to. For the last several years especially, I've allowed myself to eat and drink whatever I wanted "because of the stress". It sounded good at the time. Now, I've hit over 200 lbs. and have back in two rolls, each side. I am out of breath (not laying on the floor gonna die out of breath, but still) at the top of the stairs in my house. Yep, one freakin' flight. Go me! So, even though I'm joining the other lame-o's who start to plan for a healthier future on New Year's Day, I have to do this. Yes, I would love to put on a pair of pants and stop checking for all those socks. You know those socks, the ones that had to have, despite copious amounts of
Dow ny, become entangled in the belly, butt , hip and thigh area because those bulges can so not be ME! I would love to be svelte. I even like saying it and typing it because for now, that's a close to svelte as I'm going to get except for my index fingers. But svelte, as lovely as you are, you have nothing on smooth, as in smooth inhalations and exhalations that don't sound as if a 200 lb. Bull Mastiff has just climbed the stairs next to me. So, here's where the few of you that read this come're gonna poke my fat ass virtually. If in a post I mention something like going to a big ol' Texas BarBQue, you will simply comment SVELTE or LUNGS. If you want to be mean you could type Lardass. I would get it. See, my son is coming home eventually and I want to be able to keep up with his teenage self. I also don't want him to worry about my dropping dead on him (literally or figuratively) . His needs are not why I'm doing this though....I need to get healthy for myself. I also need to put up my "5K" picture from Orlando in 11. While I look for what will be my new wallpaper, here's a few pics from a successful, large family gathering on Thursday where my son did very, very well. Except for once getting snippy with me and you know what, I redirected his ass and he accepted it. Go him! And yes, go me.