Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gonna take some pichers.......

of my body,only for me to see. I am determined that this time, I will persevere!

I would be a liar if I said I didn't care about looking good. BUT...I care more about having 100% lung function, hopefully ending sleep apnea (jerked awake five times last night!) and eliminating acid reflux. It's cause my body is fat on the inside, not just the outside.

Today, my butt is sore, my legs are sore, but my smile is a mile wide. Not only did I walk another four miles yesterday (took me 1.5 hours! but hey, least it didn't take me 1.5 days...) but I got paid to do it! Found money on the trail, asked every person I came across if they'd lost something. Nope! Now if only I could get paid each time, I'd be exercising at least three times a week!

Picking up the boy tomorrow afternoon so that he can be present at CPS status court hearing on Friday. He's going to turn 15 at the end of this month. Thinking of planning a surprise birthday party but shhhhh, don't tell!

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