Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I need to be more strict

Words out of my son's mouth. Of course, each and every time he was consequenced (I go for the logical and connected type) he would fall apart.

At the RTC he lives at, they are extremely strict. He convinced (manipulated) his CASA worker (because we turned to CPS to help pay for RTC, he qualifies for a CASA volunteer) to let him use her cell phone to call me. That is not supposed to happen. He admitted that he knew it but wanted to call me more than worried about the consequences. So, here is his.... he was "on the wall" for five days. That means, when he is not at school, at meals, in the bathroom, getting ready for school or bed....he sits facing the wall. No discussion with anyone. Just thinking. By yesterday, he should have graduated to the couch. All this for a phone call!? Are you kidding me? But...it works. Nothing like mind-blowing boredom to convince you to stop and think before making a decision you know better than to make.

So, someday when he comes home again, I need to be more strict. Oh, and hire three men to stay with us for four days at a time to implement it...and the other four they rotate with. Guess I better start trolling Craigsl!st for bunk beds for all those guys.

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  1. LOL!! So understand that 3 men to help implement... DS has indicated he wanted more people to help him do right/make right choices. Three men rotating might work ;-)