Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Getting Better....Not sure I know how to deal with this

Not only did my son pass the Dangerous Review Board committee but it appears he has been accepted into the RTC I was hoping for. Now, he will only be 3.5 hours away, which is Half of the distance we've been traveling. He's doing well in school and seems to be loving it. Wow, if someone had suggested even the possibility of him turning around, I would have laughed my head off and pointed them at the nearest mental health clinic because they were so obviously unwell. I hope that my son's improvement gives hope to those that are living in the darkness right now. J., you are so on my mind and my heart right now. I know I keep saying this but I pray for comfort for you and your family.

So, let's look at the difference from one June to the next.... June, 2010 sitting with my son, watching him eat a small cheesecake and then,BOOM!, he punched me in the face. I just froze. At that point, I should have been prepared. I should have expected it. Been ready to duck at least. Nothing like driving for seven hours only to leave twenty minutes into the visit. So many times of driving away from there in tears.

The photo is of the front of the state psychiatric hospital which has been our son's home since March 16, 2010.

Fast forward to today. I have the memory of spending several hours, not across the conference tables (make the two across, taking no chances) as had been the way of the last few visits, but walking next to my son. For hours. Working hard not to flinch (see, PTSD seems to spread like the plague) because I saw how hard he was working. Making sure I sat on his right side as his left hook is not as powerful as his right. It just seemed surreal. And now he's going to the next level. A level I never thought I'd get to see. Never.EVER.give up!


  1. I'm grinning over here, and keeping praying!! Thank you for the link to your new blog--I'm so glad things are going better bit by bit!!!