Wednesday, June 22, 2011 in Calls

"Glass Doctor, we fix your panes! This is Jeri." (said with a smile)

We bought a franchise in March. Now that I'm a gainfully unemployed teacher, I'm in training for being the OSR (for those of you not in the know...that's Outside Sales Representative). I've never worked this hard for no pay! You'd think sleeping with the boss would mean some fringe benefits but except for the company gas card and business cards with my name on them....nah.

Well, today I was out in the town that we both graduated from and we moved away from in 1999. Amazingly, there are some things that have not stayed the same there. Some things will always be the same there though....Seguin is the home of the world's largest pecan. (Lots of pecan bottoms (groves) in the area.) I saw the pecan being loaded into the barn for the night on my way home so I took a picture. Things ARE bigger in Texas.

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