Saturday, June 25, 2011

And the magic day is Tuesday

(Disclaimer...this is so not the staff at Au$tin S.H.)
Tuesday morning, my son will leave his home away from home for the last 1.5 years. He has to go to Au$tin St@te Hospit@l as there is no transfer contract between where he is now and the RTC he is going to. I know he will have major anxiety about that. He did a lot of damage before he left there from December 29, 09 to March 16, 10. Lot of property damage to windows (unbreakable ones...about fourteen of them), tore a sink from the wall, liquid soap dispenser and a water fountain. That does not compare to the physical and emotional damage he did to staff, mainly female and I fear for him. What he does have now is an advocate, in Au$tin, that will threaten to sue the hospital if he is abused in any way, shape or form. He is a very different kid than when he left there. If they will put their adult briefs on, they'll realize that he was declared "Manifestly Dangerous" for a reason and that by sending him to NTSH, and having him come back a year and a half later, that the process they have in place actually worked. Praying that they can be mature enough to do this. So, briefly, either a number of hours or days, he
will be 45 minutes away and not 7 hours. I will be there Tuesday morning to make sure the director has the opportunity to speak to specific staff about being verbally threatening or abusive. That includes this statement,"I can't talk to you. You might say I'm abusing you." Why can't grown ups who choose to work with mentally ill children and adolescents act like grownups?

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