Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yeehaw...my Texas road trip

You know you live in Texas when your front lawn looks like this!

There are some things in Texas older than me!!!! This lady reminds me of myself...could use some repair but the soul is there. Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX....circa 1929, closed in the 70's. Hosted many celebrities and political figures back in the day. (Ghost tours have been discontinued....:-( Found out that through grants and other funding, she's coming back! Will be returned to her former splendor and the healing baths will also be reopened. Hope...if this grand ol' lady can have help found for her, it has to be out there for my son.
These were shot on the way to see my son. With seven hours of driving each way and living in the second biggest state in the nation, there are lots of things to see....lots to think about. So relieved that my trip home was one with smiles and not tears this time.


  1. THat building is beautiful! I love old buildings.

  2. Hope is such a powerful thing. Hang on to it!

  3. glad for this trip that ended well. cover me, i'm going in. I have to do a face-to-face with Sissy on Wednesday morning. You know, the timing of our situation is nearly parallel? Sissy's first RTC placement was 11-30-09. god. some parents remember important dates about their kids but who the hell would have thought remembering the date of admission of a first RTC placement would be on that list of "memorable moments"?

  4. Yeah, and I keep looking for the scrapbooking paper for some of my son's big events...juvenile detention....psych hospital admits....RTC.

  5. Update beotch. LOL
    It's been a month already.
    Miss you!