Monday, March 7, 2011

sniff sniff snot snot

It feels like I'm moving cross-country away from my family. Sucks but can't wait to get home to my Joe and Hannah.

Ali is pissed off...bless her heart. There are events in your life that touch you to the core...this was one. My family is now bigger. Truly, like being in the presence of celebrities (good one flashed their junk getting out of a car that I know of, although I didn't go with the tattoo group and there is that penis-arm waving wild mama so you never know)people I'd left comments for, that left them for me, even talked on the phone. Holding good thoughts that their retribution upon getting home is minimal if at all and that next year finds them in a better or even better spot. Love you guys, so, so, so freakin' glad I signed up.


  1. I'm sooo glad you signed up, too!!!

    Love Ya, Gala

  2. I didn't cry yesterday,but today I can't stop thinking about the amazing-ness of it all. How everything about our house just naturally jelled.
    It is memories that really will last a life time.
    and the Ska-Ma-Shul...there's just not much you can do for her.......bless her heart.
    I NEEEEED TO FIND a picture of tattoo, if you know where I can go to find it :)
    (talk about not being able to make this sh*t up)

  3. I LOVE YOU and i miss you so. i am planning my trip south and i may just show up at your doorstep, lady. just dont make me plant anything. you will be sorry. HA! xoxoxoxo