Monday, January 27, 2014

Well now.......

I guess it's kinda a good thing. (Oh wait, I cannot type anal.) I haven't posted in a long while. One would think that my life must just be peachy keen. One would be so wrong, I could jack slap one. It's not been all bad just typical life with two teens where one is readjusting to life in a family and not in an institution...again.  The year plus he's been home has been one long hop back on the roller coaster that is life with a kid with mental illness.

 Still waiting on the outcome at his charter school concerning the latest call to the sheriff. He will be seventeen this week. That fact thrills me because, though I love him dearly, he's that much closer to eighteen. It terrifies me because we will no longer be playing the juvie card. This kid really expects all the niceties of life. I hated to tell him that in prison, in Texas, there is no air conditioning. Seriously, that is one of the multitude of things that would hurt my heart is to know he's suffering.

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  1. Oh, dear.... It is so painful that even though you can see progress, it seems so slow that you just know it will never be enough, in time.