Saturday, July 21, 2012

A serving of Seroqu*l with a side of Lithi*m

The doctor calls it treatment. I am calling it chemical restraining. My son's in an RTC, hopefully for not much longer. It's actually a really good one. It's sad that we had to turn to CPS to pay for it but that is the reality. I think on my tombstone it will say," Remember, the brain IS an organ IN the body. The treatment of its ills should be covered the same." We're lucky that due to my copious amounts of documentation, we were not charged with RAPR (Refusing to Accept Parental Responsibility) and are actually in a co-parenting sort of set up.

Next Friday, we have our quarterly court status hearing. I've contacted my son's psychiatrist to ask why, if his dx includes: PTSD, RAD and Conduct Disorder, is he on two, very powerful Bipolar/Schizophrenic (the sero) drugs? Now, he has thyroid issues. Hmmm, very common side effect of the Lithi*m and not uncommon in the other. I understand from an advocacy lawyer that a few of his clients in the same place are on the same meds. What, are they getting them in bulk? Wondering what the doctor who told my son basically this," I don't have to listen to the judge. " Of course, being the radilicious teen he is, and even though he's come so very, very far, he still thinks he has to look out for himself. Still doesn't believe the adults involved will have his back. However, I'll sure as hell take it. To be able to drive, alone, with the kid who once tried to strangle me with the seat belt....that's huge.


  1. I too wonder about the drug du jour. DCS here has their favorites too. Our son was on a med at age 7 that they aren't supposed to give children under age 10. LOTS of kids are on this same drug. I'm sorry about your son's issues because of the meds. (((hug)))

  2. When we first had Maxim, he was allowed a weekend visit to our home ONLY if we signed a sheet saying we would give him his "medication" - well, he'd complained to me that it was making him groggy all the time, and what do you know? I had been given all the paperwork from the psych hospital - those sleeping meds had been prescribed AS NEEDED for NO MORE THAN a month. Well, this was many months in and the poor kids was being forced to take them, and me forced to give them.

    We contacted his Guardian Ad Litum who took care of it in short order. It did NOT go over well that they were a) drugging a child who didn't need it and b) charging the state for unnecessary medications.

  3. We discovered that my daughter had been "informally" diagnosed with bipolar and put on meds for it, but the doctor hadn't wanted to officially diagnose her because, "she won't be able to get life insurance when she's an adult." I kid you not! We told them we didn't give a crap about his theory, and that our priority was to get her the labels she needs to get the services and correct meds that she needs.