Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well, okay then

Those crazy Canadians.....they're a little Looney.
Justine, tackling two Radalicious boys and just didn't get enough, so she's getting one more in the female style this time. Roz, this woman is so damn mature, enlightened, grounded and she's only 27. She amazes me how well she has adapted to adding not one, but two siblings of the little guy they already had since last year's Orlando days. Unfreakingbelievable. Melodie, my beer drinking friend who has two daughters. One is a twelve year old drama queen who needs to come down here and move rocks. So she will appreciate her mama more. Amina, who I did not have the privilege of meeting but will definitely make sure of it next year.
Miss Amy, my roommate, such a love for her sons she has. Laura and I share a sad connection of having outlived one of our children. However, watching her with her two girlies, she's so good with them and such a giving woman.
Miss Desi who will soon be off to Kentucky (Rose, did you read that!). Lordy, she has the wit of a razor sharp comedian. She makes you laugh until you cry or feel like you'll puke. She is also raising a genius kindergartener who will someday cure cancer or build a robot dog that does what he wants it to do. Bless her heart.
Mothering...4...Money aka S, who has more shit on her platter right now than she should. I love this lady. Even if her tits make mine look like pimples. Erica, new to our villa, but fit right in just seamlessly. Her son went through unspeakable things in his birth vessel's "care" but he has a mama now that will lay down her life for him. My baby girl Ali. She may talk like a skah mahshull, but she has a such a soft spot for her family. Loved hearing her talk to KenKen and Wubsy each night. She's wicked fun to hang out with even if we did go to bed by ten ....such old ladies.
I wish these were my tits. They are not, mine wouldn't even make one. That is a Canadian Looney coin down the cleavage of a Looney Canadian, so it works. And she's now picking up her third Radalicious kid...sending positive thoughts. Hang onto that coin Justine, you're gonna need it!

Orlando, I heart you. You bring me into contact with such wonderful women and I only wish we'd had more time. For those that might be new to my blog...I'm going to try to add some links here so you can see how far my son has come and what a freaking miracle that is.

These are just some of the old ick. I did not include the one where my face looks like Mike Tyson took me for a spin. Didn't write about when my son kicked me in the face and tried to choke me with the seat belt while my husband was driving 70 mph down an unfamiliar highway following an unsuccessful respite attempt. But, I think it's enough. Especially considering that big boy is sleeping downstairs right now. And, he left us this Saturday night:


  1. So I have scanned (soaked. up. every. last. word.) your blog post and see so much of myself and son in your words and experiences. I have been waffling - accept the reality of who my son is and that this is possibly something that I will not be able to change for him or to continue to fight with everything I have left in me to make a difference and change this harsh potential for where this may go. Either way, I am grieving the childhood that he just is not having, that I can not just make things "ok" for him right now and that I may not be able to change the face of his future. Your story ... it is the whisper of hope in the back of my mind that maybe, just maybe somewhere on this sucky road something will change and life will be ok for him at some point. OH how I wish I had met you face to face at Orlando :-)

  2. Beemommy, wish I had made it by your villa when you were there. So happy for the miracles happening in your lives!

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies. Next year, I'm going a day early for sure. Next year, I will have a list of names and villas to haunt. So many that I follow their blog and just didn't realize they were there or did not have time (got in late, late Friday...will not make THAT mistake again.)